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International volunteer projects in Zimbabwe varies a lot, the work ranges from nature and environmental conversation, construction, restoration of historical monuments, brick molding, health and HIV/AIDS programmes, water and sanitation programmes and any other community specific requests. The community may ask us to perform other necessary specific tasks outside the scope of our agreement. This is seen as a way of promoting intercultural understanding.

Participants should arrive at least two days before the camp starts for orientation and they should not go direct to the camp before coming to ZWA office. It is important to note that projects locations may change due to several reasons beyond our control. There might be few applications for participation, late cancellation by volunteers or the community failing to make its contribution to the project in the last minute, and finally insecure situations. Therefore volunteers are urged to be flexible and accept alternative options. On arrival at the airport, please take taxi to our office, which are in Katanga in Norton. Our offices are closed over the weekend and public holidays, in case of emergency phone us on the numbers above. Please NOTE: Do not leave your baggage with the taxi driver.
Participants should remember to bring suitable clothes (e.g. winter/summer clothes) depending on the geographical location of the workcamp they have would have chosen, a good sleeping bag, small mattress, working boots and gloves. Also bring with you so recipes, some music from your country as well as musical instrument if you can play one, etc. In Zimbabwe only selected currencies are exchangeable such as the British pound, US dollar, Euro and South African Rand. Also for other currencies inquire from your local bank first before departure to Zimbabwe. The exchange of money is done at banks and any other officially licensed. Dealing on black/parallel market is a serious offence and anyone found doing so would be arrested.
Food and accommodation will be provided for the duration of the camp. Most of our camps are self catering (unless it is stated otherwise) and sufficient money is provided for the for you to buy and cook food together as a family. Please bring with you traditional recipes that do not require particularly special ingredients. Accommodation is usual in classrooms, tents, halls or rooms but this is known before hand.
This is not known until you arrive, each project is made up of people of various nationalities, ages and background. On every project there is a camp leader usual chosen and trained by us. The leader depends on the full participation of each volunteer, so it is the whole group’s responsibility to ensure that the project is a success.
Weekends are meant for free tours that group/individuals can organize by themselves. You can decide to visit places of interest within the vicinity of the work cam. It has become a custom in all our Workcamps to have cultural nights. This affords each volunteer the opportunity to present her/his country and culture. Please bring with you your national flag and traditional dress if possible.
The participates will contribute €210.The fee covers orientation, evaluation, monitoring, project set up, office running/administrative expenses, supporting small community projects running of activities during the project, certificate of participation, accommodation, feeding at camp and communication prior to, during and after the camp. Volunteers will participate in an orientation day after arrival charge, Participations are advised to reserve €50 for airport transfers, transport to and from the workcamp venue.

What its like to be a part of our programes

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Email: Email: Vitalis@zimworkcamps com and Email: Phone: ‎+263 242152826 /+263772460583 / +263 77 260 2294
Running Programmes
Bongai Shamwari Early Childhood Center, provides early education for kids from disadvantaged background from Chikanga and the surroundings communities in Mutare and Penhalonga. The philosophy for the centre is a quality pre school education helps to build self confidence, learn social skills and develop life long passion for education. The volunteers will develop a social health care for the centre, offer some in house training for the kids and staff members as well as tailor made training programme with strong bias on Gender and development programme.
Ruwa Rehabilitation Centre is home for people with severe and multiple injuries with a strong bias to spinal code. It provides respite care, rehabilitation and training for caregivers. The volunteers will work with the staff members at Ruwa Rehabilitation to provide respite care as well as rehabilitation for the disadvantaged members of our community.
The program aims to support thousands of children and youth in Zimbabwe infected and affected by HIV/AIDS through sexual and reproductive health education activities. The largest population of the Zimbabwean children, at least a quarter are orphaned by the pandemic and over 200 000 are infected. Children live in poverty and require support from the little anyone can offer them. The project is based in Victoria Falls a tourist and border town currently also highly impacted by HIV/AIDS with mainly children and young people affected.