About Us

Brief Background and History
Zimbabwe Workcamps Association is a youth volunteer organization founded in October 1993, registered with the Zimbabwe Youth Council. It is a non-political, nonsectarian, non-religious, voluntary organization. Its membership is open to anyone above the age of sixteen years irrespective of nationality, gender, race, religion, political view or educational qualification. Zimbabwe Workcamps Association employs international voluntary services as a double aged sword namely education and community development.

Scope of Work: Volunteers participate in a number of different tasks at their respective project host. The work ranges from physical demanding jobs to administrative tasks such as data entry, documentation and data analysis, other most popular tasks are teaching, social work, building, environmental conversation, health promotion, coordinating youth events to mention but just a few.


Working Schedule: Participants work around 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday. The lion’s share of our volunteer placements does not require volunteers to work on public holidays and weekends, unless highlighted or in the event of the need arising from the project. Expectations from Projects: Volunteer projects take place in very humble places around Zimbabwe. The bulk of our projects are not that difficult at all, what is only needed is flexibility, positive mentally attitude as well as openness to new culture, new experience. The secret remedy to, make the most of your time while volunteering in Zimbabwe is to adapt to the local environment. It important to highlight each and every project is unique. It is critical to mention that volunteers should make the most of their time with the community they serve, since this is a chance of a life time, to work and live with people in their respective communities, just like them.

Contact Info

Email: info@zimworkcamps.com Email: Vitalis@zimworkcamps com and Email: Ratherford@zimworkcamps.com Phone: ‎+263 242152826 /+263772460583 / +263 77 260 2294
Recent Work
Running Programmes
Bongai Shamwari Early Childhood Center, provides early education for kids from disadvantaged background from Chikanga and the surroundings communities in Mutare and Penhalonga. The philosophy for the centre is a quality pre school education helps to build self confidence, learn social skills and develop life long passion for education. The volunteers will develop a social health care for the centre, offer some in house training for the kids and staff members as well as tailor made training programme with strong bias on Gender and development programme.
Ruwa Rehabilitation Centre is home for people with severe and multiple injuries with a strong bias to spinal code. It provides respite care, rehabilitation and training for caregivers. The volunteers will work with the staff members at Ruwa Rehabilitation to provide respite care as well as rehabilitation for the disadvantaged members of our community.
The program aims to support thousands of children and youth in Zimbabwe infected and affected by HIV/AIDS through sexual and reproductive health education activities. The largest population of the Zimbabwean children, at least a quarter are orphaned by the pandemic and over 200 000 are infected. Children live in poverty and require support from the little anyone can offer them. The project is based in Victoria Falls a tourist and border town currently also highly impacted by HIV/AIDS with mainly children and young people affected.